Atmospheric Gases Produced Using Renewable Energy

THE Linde Green Option

Achieving a Lower Carbon Footprint

wind turbinesAt Linde, we continuously live our mission of making our world more productive. Through our gases, application technologies, and services, we can provide a competitive advantage to our customers, helping them improve their productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental performance.

Sustainability is one of our principal values and inspired our latest gas offering. Atmospheric gases produced utilizing 100% carbon-free energy allow Linde to supply nitrogen, oxygen and argon with a lower carbon footprint. In fact, the atmospheric gases available as a Linde Green Option are carbon-free at the point of production.

Certified to be Carbon-Free

Solar panel under bight sunDelivering the same product quality and the same product reliability - just without the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity source.

  • Linde purchases power certified as carbon-free by the source
  • That carbon-free power is allocated to the production of specific products
  • The carbon footprint of the products is essentially carbon-free
  • An audited program tracks the power sources and production
  • This allows Linde to certify that the argon, nitrogen or oxygen was produced with 100% carbon-free energy

Atmospheric Gases for Today's World

atmospheric clouds above landscapeLinde is one of the first companies to introduce liquefied atmospheric gases produced using renewable energy. This enables our customers to reduce the CO2 footprint from their operational processes that utilize argon, nitrogen or oxygen.

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