RoboStar® Blends

RoboStar® Shielding Gas & Robotic Welding Gas Mixtures

RoboStar ® shielding gases for robotic welding offer metal fabricators and welders a family of precision formulated blends that deliver outstanding results, even when parts are positioned at difficult-to-weld angles. This all-position performance capability is especially critical for projects that require a variety of repetitive, multi-position welds. Explore the RoboStar family of shielding gases below and download Safety Data Sheets for more information

Mixture Uses
RoboStar AL This blend is designed for all-position welding of aluminum using 4000 and 5000 series filler wires. The argon and helium components are balanced to produce optimum penetration and bead shape while retaining good arc starting and stability.
RoboStar CS This blend is a universal shielding gas for robotic welding of carbon steels. A mixture of argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen operates well in all types of metal-transfer and produces good arc characteristics and excellent weld penetration with minimal spatter in all welding positions.
RoboStar SS This blend is a universal GMAW shielding gas blend for the robotic welding of stainless steel. A mixture of argon and helium with controlled additions of carbon dioxide produces excellent weld bead appearance with minimum splatter at higher levels of productivity than competitive gas blends.