Medipure Medical Gases

Medipure Medical Gases

When you choose Medipure brand medical gases for your medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology applications, you can be sure you're getting gases that offer the highest levels of purity, consistency and compliance with government regulations — to help you enhance quality and improve your productivity.

Praxair Medical Gases and Equipment Catalog

Mixture Uses Safety Data Sheet
Medical Air USP Medical air is used for respiratory therapy and humidity treatments with nebulizers.

Air (Compressed) SDS (70KB)

Carbon Dioxide USP Medipure carbon dioxide is used for close-to-physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs, in cryosurgery with insufflators during laparoscopic surgery, and as a component in respiratory stimulants to promote deep breathing.

Carbon Dioxide (Compressed) SDS (74.2KB)

Carbon Dioxide (Refrigerated Liquid) SDS (66.8KB)

Helium USP As a component of breathing mixtures to reduce the density of mixtures, Medipure helium facilitates breathing under certain physical and physiological conditions.

Helium (Compressed) SDS (59.1KB)

Nitrogen NF Nitrogen NF is used as a displacement medium for sterile equipment, a non-oxidizing displacement medium in pharmaceutical vials, and as a propellant in pressurized aerosol type dispensers. It is also used as a coolant for carbon dioxide surgical lasers and a source of pneumatic pressure to power gas operated medical devices.

Nitrogen (Compressed) SDS (59.1KB)

Nitrogen (Refrigerated Liquid) SDS (61.7KB)

Nitrous Oxide USP Medipure nitrous oxide is often used in combination with other agents for the production of anesthesia. It is also used in cryosurgery.

Nitrous Oxide SDS (174KB)