Gas Accessories: Valves, Fittings, Arrestors, Hoses & More

Specialty gases with the accessories to match

As your single source for gases and equipment, we also offer many of the accessories you need for your gas supply. A wide variety of valves from diaphragm, packless, needle and check valves to VCR, pipe fittings and cylinder connections, we have what you need to make your gas work for you.

Stand Alone Alarms -

Emergency Shutdown Systems -

Diaphragm & Miniature Needle Valves -

Excess Flow Shut-Off Valves -

Check Valves & Relief Valves -

Compression Type Tube Fittings -

Pipe Fittings -

Cylinder Connections -

High Purity Flexible Hoses -

Flash Arrestor -

Gas Heaters -

Start-Up Kit & Moisture Indicator -

Gauges -

Cylinder, Dewar & Tonner Scales -