Argon (Ar)

Buy Compressed Argon Gas or Liquid Argon (Ar)

We offer argon gas and liquid argon (Ar) in a variety of purities and concentrations. Download Safety Data Sheets or see the chart below to download the spec sheets for more information on buying argon gas and liquid argon.

Product Name Concentration Safety Data Sheet Spec Sheet
Compressed Argon Gas (Ar) >99.998%

Compressed Argon Gas Safety Data Sheet (67KB)

Compressed Argon Gas Spec Sheet (188KB)

Refrigerated Liquid Argon >99.998%

Refrigerated Liquid Argon Safety Data Sheet (59KB)

Refrigerated Liquid Argon Spec Sheet (174KB)

Argon Gas Helium Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%

Argon Gas Mixtures Spec Sheet (236KB)

Argon Gas Hydrogen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%

Argon Gas Mixtures Spec Sheet (236KB)

Argon Gas Nitrogen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%

Argon Gas Mixtures Spec Sheet (236KB)

We develop the right grades for the right applications. Give us a call and we'll help you determine the best supply option for your operations.

Uses of Argon Gas and Liquid Argon by Industry

Aerospace and Aircraft

Argon is a versatile industrial gas used in welding applications, such as the welding of specialty alloys, and in the production of light bulbs and lasers. As an inert gas, it can also be used to provide an oxygen- and nitrogen- free environment for heat treating processes.

Autoclave Inerting
Heat Treating

Automotive and Transportation Equipment

Argon is used in combination with other gases to weld auto parts, frames, mufflers and other automotive parts. It also provides an oxygen and nitrogen-free environment for annealing processes and is an essential component in airbags.

Heat Treating
Parts Manufacturing

Metal Production

Used to maintain temperature and consistency of composition, argon prevents oxidation during processing. It also flushes out carbon monoxide and reduces chromium losses during the Argon-Oxygen Decarburization stainless steel refining process.

Argon Oxygen Decarburization

Welding and Metal Fabrication

Argon is used to create an inert shield gas to enhance arc stability and characteristics of gas metal arc welding. It is also the primary gas for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Argon Gas & Liquid Argon (Ar) Supply: Cylinders, Tanks, Bottles, Dewars & Canisters

Cylinders & Liquid Containers

For smaller, more specialized applications, we offer argon gas in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid argon in dewars in a variety of sizes.

Bulk & Microbulk Delivery

We offer a bulk liquid delivery system with a variety of argon tank sizes and purities available to suit your operations. We also offer Microbulk on-site gas delivery as an alternative to cylinders.


Ideal for large volume users, we maintain sophisticated pipeline operations that can deliver an uninterrupted supply of argon gas for your applications.

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