Timely Installations

Timely Installation Amid the Pandemic

Meeting the Growing Demand for Frozen Foods

Amid the pandemic, the demand for frozen foods has grown. For example, Illinois-based frozen pizza manufacturer, Urban Farmer, asked to expedite the installation of cryogenic tunnel freezer to meet production needs. The Linde Gases US team from Wooster, Ohio, used proper social distancing procedures and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to complete an installation within 10 days of the customer’s request.

In the past months during the stay-at-home-directives and the eventual easing of restrictions is some areas, the essential technicians at Wooster continue start-up freezers at customer locations, practice safe distancing, and have processed several new in-house freezer builds. This is in addition to non-freezer related projects for greenhouses and carbon dioxide snowing application systems. The Wooster team continues to provide uninterrupted service as well as next day parts supply to our customer base.