Raw Seafoods Case Study 

Doubled existing production with freezer systems using cryogenic liquid nitrogen

Expanding on a relationship

Production at Raw Seafoods in Fall River, Massachusetts is up. The increase demand for scallops to restaurant chains, food service distributors, wholesale distributors and grocery chains required additional capacity. Following the success with an earlier installation of a flighted tunnel freezer using cryogenic liquid nitrogen, Raw Seafoods again turned to Linde for additional assistance to boost production further.

Temperature control paired with sanitation needs 

Working with us, Raw Seafoods outlined specific quality and production parameters that were important to the continued success of their product. Our focus on sanitary design provided a cryogenic equipment system designed to meet the sanitary guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for sanitary clean-up. The result was a new flighted tunnel freezer and gas application process that provided options to address throughput, capacity and product quality all at a precise temperature.

Tailored systems to achieve custom production

Raw Seafoods relied on the technical expertise of the our engineers and food scientists to deliver the exact operation conditions needed to expand their scallop production. The flighted tunnel freezers are designed to keep food pieces separate from each other and preserve product quality while freezing at a high production rate. Exactly what Raw Seafoods desired. 

For additional information see the article reprint from our legacy company newsletter, Praxair News:
Cleaner Freezing for Massachusetts Seafood Distributor (82KB PDF)