Kansas City Sausage Case Study


Working Together

Reduction of yield loss has increased profits at KC Sausage in Kansas City, KS. For its sausage blending operation, KC Sausage knew that achieving the correct temperature during the mixing process provides consistency in the forming process, reduces bacterial growth and allow for controlled protein extraction. Following the success with an earlier installation of a ColdFront™ cryo-saver tunnel freezer using cryogenic liquid nitrogen, KC Sausage again turned to Praxair this time for meat mixer cooling assistance to help further boost production and maintain product quality.

Precise temperature paired with sanitary design

Working with us, KC Sausage outlined specific quality and production parameters that were important to the continued success of their product. Our focus on sanitary design provided a cryogenic equipment system designed to meet the highest sanitation standards. The result was the new CryoBlend™ liquid nitrogen injection system that can be added to existing meat mixing machinery.

Controlled, thorough chilling

The proprietary liquid nitrogen injection system provides rapid and uniform heat removal throughout the mixer while achieving high liquid nitrogen efficiency. This system also prevents freeze ups in the process, resulting in a reliable, cost-effective operation that helps processors meet all applicable quality standards. Exactly what KC Sausage wanted.

Download a PDF of the Cryogenic Meat Mixer Cooling sell sheet (624KB)

Download a PDF of our news release (57KB)