K-Zell Metals, Inc. Case Study



K-Zell Metals, Inc., a specialty metal fabricator in Phoenix, Arizona, was about to enter the market to purchase a new laser. Purchasing a laser was a large investment, and if they were going to do it, they wanted to make sure they did it right the first time.

“We decided to get in touch with Praxair for some guidance in industry standards and best practices,” said Karl Kammerzell, Estimator/ Maintenance Supervisor at K-Zell Metals. “As a leader in welding and laser cutting, we knew Praxair could help us out in planning for all the details surrounding the installation of a new laser.”

However, though early in the process of purchasing and installing a laser, K-Zell was very aware of one thing. They knew that a laser’s performance was closely dependent upon the quality of the resonator gas used in its operation.


A high-quality resonator gas is essential to maintain peak laser performance. Contaminants, like moisture, hydrocarbons, halocarbons and other impurities can get into the resonator chamber and cause premature aging of resonator parts and reduce laser power and decrease laser stability.

Praxair recommended that K-Zell use Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 resonator gas in their new laser. After a few months of using LaserStar 5.5, Kammerzell said they are confident that LaserStar 5.5 contributes to their shop’s continued productivity.

“Praxair goes above and beyond to deliver consistent quality in its LaserStar 5.5 product,” said Kammerzell. “And that helps us deliver a better, faster and more affordable product to our customers.”


According to Kammerzell, Praxair’s ability and commitment to provide a Certificate of Analysis upon delivery was also a major deciding factor for K-Zell.

Each cylinder of Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 gas blend is issued an actual Certificate of Analysis (COA) tied to the specific cylinder by the cylinder’s serial number. Each cylinder’s COA is provided to the customer upon delivery and displays the blend specification, the allowable OEM range, the test equipment used, the analytical result of the test, and the absolute, analytical accuracy.

“Praxair was able to provide a Certificate of Analysis with every cylinder delivered,” said Kammerzell. “It is a physical reassurance that the product has going through their quality program and that Praxair stands behind an accurate and quality product.”

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