Praxair Productive Case Study - elaine's Chef Inspired Creations

Individually Quick Frozen Production

Meeting Market Expectations for Quality

A favorite baked roll in Brazil, Pao de Queijo, was being introduced to the US market by Orlando-based elaine’s Chef Inspired Creations. The company’s guiding direction was to produce a product that met the high quality standards of the U.S. consumer. They also knew that, as a start-up, they wanted flexibility so the company could increase volumes as the business grew. On-demand production and uniform product appearance and maintained shape were very important in selecting a freezing system.

Matching the System to the Desired Product Result

The first step was to run product trials in the Praxair Food Lab to determine which equipment would best meet elaine’s production and quality objectives. Once the ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Spiral Freezer using liquid nitrogen was selected, Praxair field engineers oversaw installation and startup. Elaine Pezzoli, Chef-Entrepreneur, commented “With our new Praxair system, we ended up with a superior looking product compared to our previous mechanically frozen product—excellent coloring and uniformity. We’re delighted with the results.”

Delivering High-Quality, Flexible Production

For elaine’s  Cheddar, Original, Garlic and Red Pepper rolls, the ColdFront Ultra Performance Spiral Freezer is ideally suited for producing individually quick frozen units. It consistently freezes high-quality product, providing high yield with low freezing costs by providing rapid crust freezing for consistent product quality in less space than required for other methods. The compact, vertical design offers efficient cryogen use and excellent throughput in an integrated system that is easy to maintain and clean.

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