health and safety

Putting Safety, Health & the Environment FirstOur goal at Linde is zero incidents and injuries - and not just within our company. We also actively support our partners and customers in achieving this goal.

All gases have inherent hazards. Even oxygen and nitrogen, which we breathe every day, can be problematic if not properly handled.

If you deal with gases, it is essential that you identify and understand all potential hazards. The safety of your employees hinges on proactive practices.

We extend our zero-incidents mission beyond Linde by supporting you with in-depth information and practical guidelines on the safe handling of our products.


Safety Data Sheets

We provide in-depth, region-specific safety information on all our products.

Test tubes

Legislative Guidelines

Not only do we comply with all applicable international, regional and national laws, we can help you to do so as well.


Any Questions?

Ask the Safety team. We're ready to help!