Atmospheric gases supplied by Linde

Food Grade Gases'Food grade gases' are defined as gases used as a processing aid and/or an additive in order to ensure that standards are complied with

We supply food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) , nitrogen (N2), and oxygen (O2) along with other gases authorized for use in food and beverage products as individual gases in cylinders under high pressure, as well as liquid in bulk form for subsequent mixing at a packaging machine. 

The main gases used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications are carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. These gases are used either alone or in various combinations.  The gas properties and the interaction of gases with the food ingredients, (e.g. solubility in the food product), should be taken into account when choosing the gas or gas mixture. 

We are also able to supply liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2)to you for chilling and freezing in bulk liquid form.

Our food-grade gases conform to 'food grade' standards such as those from the Compressed Gas Association

Nitrogen and oxygen are manufactured by separating the atmospheric air. Carbon dioxide is taken from natural wells or captured as a byproduct of industrial processes and further purified .

Linde can help determine the correct gases and delivery method to meet your needs.

Advantage for the user:

  • Consistent high purity gas

  • Cost effective, reliable supply system