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Combo Chiller
The Linde Combo Chiller is designed to provide accurate and consistent chilling of meat products that are packed and shipped in bulk containers (combo bins). The system automatically loads and weighs the meat while adding the correct amount of CO2 to hit the desired final product temperature.

Typical products that may be bulk shipped include cut chicken parts, beef trimmings for use in ground beef, pork trimmings, offal meats, and seafood products.

Many times, meat and poultry products are shipped between slaughter plants and further processing plants.  In some cases these plants could be adjacent to one another, and in other cases they may be a considerable distance apart.  Regardless of the distance shipped, product must be maintained at or below 40oF during shipping and receiving. 

The Linde Combo Chiller provides the processor a simple, efficient, safe and consistent method of chilling these products.  The system can handle varying production rates up to 15,000 pounds per hour.

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