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For more than four decades Linde has been providing innovative solutions for unique challenges by partnering closely with our customers and using our extensive research and development resources.  As the global leader in providing advanced food chilling and freezing solutions to the food industry, Linde is uniquely qualified to meet your most pressing needs. 

Our cryogenic solutions use carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases to very quickly reduce the temperature of food products, either to improve processing or as a means of preservation.  Our flexible cryogenic systems are easy to install, efficient to maintain and provide consistent processing temperatures to help maintain product quality.

Today Linde’s modern chilling system designs incorporate the latest concepts to increase efficiency, at the same time meeting the highest hygiene standards of the industry.

Linde offers the ACCU-CHILL® family of food chilling equipment to meet these modern requirements. To determine the best chilling system for your application, please review the information contained in the specific food product pages

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