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Different forms of dry ice ICEBITZZZ, block and pellets.
Depending on the temperature and pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2) exists in three states  – as a gas, liquid or solid. Essentially, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide.

It is made by reducing the pressure and temperature of liquid CO2 till it converts into a clean, white snow. This snow can then be compressed under high pressure to form blocks, slices and pellets.

Because dry ice has no taste or smell, is non-poisonous and non-flammable, it is an ideal and highly- effective cooling and freezing agent for food. It is particularly convenient for in-transit cooling, where power supply can be an issue.

One-Stop Shop
As one of Europe’s leading dry ice suppliers, we offer a range of flexible, one-stop solutions that meet the increasingly diverse volume and delivery needs of this segment.

Sold under our ICEBITZZZ™ brand in many countries, these solutions are used for transport cooling, event catering, special effects at events, courier services, in-flight catering and cleaning.

All of our dry ice products and services comply with the latest HACCP rules and regulations and we are gradually increasing the environmentally friendly packing options available.

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