Water & Soil TreatmentBringing you the benefits that come from decades of experience and a proven track record

Our complete offering of gases, technologies and services allow companies to operate efficiently and meet tightening environmental regulations. 

Linde technical experts have significant industrial wastewater treatment process knowledge and experience.  We can offer consultation, trials and solutions around many water issues of concern.

Process solutions include pH control, oxygen-based activated sludge processes. Oxy-Membrane Bioreactors for water re-use and recycling applications.  

Applications we support: 

  • pH control
  • Oxygen / high-rate aeration
  • Water recycle or re-use
    • Oxy-membrane Bioreactor - AXENSIS
  • Specialty gas mixtures and high purity gases for water and effluent analysis


  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Specialty gas mixtures and high purity gases.

Further areas of application for pure oxygen:

One of the products available is Linde's SOLVOX® series of equipment, which is an efficient means to dissolve gases in various applications during water treatment processes.  In biological sewage treatment, the microorganisms need oxygen for respiration. The SOLVOX process selectively introduces pure oxygen into waste waters and thereby considerably enhances the cleaning efficiency of sewage treatment plants.