Hydrogen EnergyDelivering the technologies and infrastructural innovations needed to speed the transition to clean, hydrogen-powered personal mobility and hydrogen-based energy storage

Energy consumption is rising steadily around the world, fuelled by the earth’s expanding population and growing industrialization in emerging economies. At the same time, pressure to mitigate the effects of climate change and conserve dwindling fossil fuel reserves is mounting. Society is challenged to balance these conflicting demands by decarbonizing our energy chain and finding a clean, viable source of fuel for the expanding road transport/mobility sector in particular.

Hydrogen is one of the most promising answers. We have been pioneering the deployment of hydrogen as an industrial gas for over one hundred years across a varied and widespread range of applications. In recent times, however, the spotlight has shifted to hydrogen’s potential to create a sustainable energy value chain. It is an ideal medium to store energy generated from both primary and renewable sources, especially those subject to fluctuations, and deliver that energy efficiently to where it’s needed. When generated from regenerative sources, it creates a zero-emissions hydrogen-water-hydrogen cycle that balances the desire for mobility and transportation with the need for climate protection.

As an experienced gas specialist and one of the world's largest hydrogen providers, our expertise covers the entire value chain, from generation and liquefaction through transportation and storage solutions to fuelling of hydrogen-powered vehicles. In recent years we have contributed to major technological breakthroughs that raise efficiency levels and improve environmental performance in production, storage and consumption.

Many of the innovations aimed at establishing a viable, sustainable hydrogen fuelling infrastructure were developed in close collaboration with key industry players and with funding from the European Commission and national governments in countries such as the US, Japan and Germany. These advances are bringing the vision of sustainability within reach, especially in the expanding road transport/mobility sector.

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