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Research, testing and measurement laboratories are a defining feature across the broadest range of industries – from automotive and power through petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals to environmental protection. In fact, just about everything we eat, drink and use has been analyzed at some point in its lifecycle. Regardless of what they are analyzing or testing, all laboratories have one thing in common. They are aiming for precision and often rely on high-purity process and calibration gas mixtures to achieve this.

Whether you run a dedicated in-house, contract or commercial lab, you are probably under growing pressure not only to stay abreast of the latest analytical methods, but also to manage costs through efficiency gains. The challenge lies in maximizing return on costly capital investments by ensuring the highest levels of precision and accuracy in all measurement and calibration workflows. In other words, you need to get it right first time – every time.

Optimizing your results

As a leading supplier of specialty gases and specialty equipment, we can help you meet your productivity aims by delivering precisely what you need, when and where you need it.

We do this by bundling high-purity specialty gases from our HiQ®  range with precision-engineered supply products and expert, efficiency-aware services . We can even advise you on the latest analytical breakthroughs. It goes without saying that all of our gases and gas mixtures are certified to the highest standards of purity and quality. And if you prefer not to use cylinders, our HiQ® range includes various high-purity generators so you can produce the gases you need in house.

Regardless of your focus, you can always rely on us for customized solutions to meet your individual analysis and instrumentation challenges. Because: precision matters in everything we do. 



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