ChemicalsHelping chemical companies lower costs, improve productivity and meet environmental goals with a full portfolio of industrial and specialty gases, extensive application know-how, expert services and state-of-the-art equipment

The chemical industry is extremely broad and plays a key role in the global economy. Chemical companies convert raw materials such as petrochemicals and plant extracts into tens of thousands of different products ranging from solvents and pharmaceuticals to perfumes and packaging polymers. Chemical products are an integral part of everyday life.

The chemical industry is challenged to remain competitive and maintain productivity levels as it contends with fluctuations in the quality and availability of feedstocks.

Covering the full value chain

Linde provides a complete portfolio of industrial and specialty gases and applications to support chemical production processes. Our engineers can help improve productivity, lower costs and meet environmental targets. 

Our industrial and specialty gases expertise and process insights cover all main sectors of the chemical industry: