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Staying ahead in the aerospace and defense business hinges on the ability to innovate. This industry also faces growing environmental pressures. Industrial gases can play a defining role in optimizing key manufacturing processes.

Full line up from Linde

We work closely with defense agencies and aerospace manufacturers to create high-tech solutions and services that are tailored to individual strategic needs. In addition, we deliver process innovations that help you manage environmental, quality and productivity pressures. Our extensive network of engineers can give you in-depth guidance on the best solution for your individual challenges.

We back up our extensive range of products, equipment and supply systems with a wide service offering. This includes safety training to ensure that all the gases you need are installed and handled properly. Last but not least, we can deliver all these products and services anywhere around the globe.

Highlights of our aerospace and defense offering include:

  • All-in-one welding solutions 

  • Portal security gases

  • Customized cutting and heating solutions

  • Complete laser gas solutions

  • Thermal spray coating solutions for the perfect surface finish

  • Heat treatment processes to achieve the desired microstructure, physical properties and surface properties

  • Instrument calibration using scientific mixtures and high-purity gases

  • Bulk and on-site gases for inerting, soldering and stress-testing semiconductor applications

  • Environmental testing

  • Stress screening.

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