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Linde in Puerto RicoWith the fusion of AGA and Linde we have a business strategy focused in our clients offering better solutions in technology and services

Our History

With the fusion of AGA and Linde we have a business strategy focused in our clients offering better solutions in technology and services. Mr. Roberto Schroder, Director of Linde in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, establishes that "The combination of the "know-how" of Linde and AGA will fortify our local and global competition, which will offer new and attractive business opportunities in acknowledgement and products, for the benefit of our clients".

Carl von Linde

Carl von Linde was a multi-faceted engineer and scientist. After obtaining a patent in 1877 for the world's first modern refrigerator, he founded the company Gesellschaft fur Linde's Eismachinen, now Linde AG, in Wiesbaden in 1879. Based on his innovative work in the "process for liquification of atmospheric air or other gases" he was awarded another German patent in 1895. He was among the first in the world to produce large volumes of liquid air, and in 1902 began constructing his first Air Separation Unit. These plants liquify air to separate nitrogen, oxygen and argon, and today Linde has constructed over 2,700 worldwide.

The Linde Group has annual sales exceeding $8.5 billion with over 46,000 employees working in 53 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Linde has three main business segments - Industrial Gases and Engineering, Material Handling and Refrigeration.


AGA AB was started in 1904 near Stockholm, Sweden, by Gustaf Dalen, a 35-year-old engineer and ingenious inventor. The very next year AGA developed an automatic lighthouse mechanism that included the sun valve and the intermittent light regulator (the first innovations patented by AGA). Acetylene, with its bright light, was an excellent fuel for lighthouses, but it was too expensive when burned all day.

AGA's intermittent light regulator reduced fuel consumption by 90 percent, and the sun valve cut consumption by another 4 percent. This meant lighthouses could be operated at a low cost and left unattended for long periods of time. In 1912, AGA won a contract to build a lighthouse system for the Panama Canal and Dalen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his inventions in lighthouse technology.

General Gases

In Puerto Rico, in 1996, AGA AB, acquired General Gases & Supplies Corp. capital, a Puerto Rican business and leader in this industry with over 65 years. Because of this acquisition, AGA General Gases maintained its solid position in the Puerto Rican industry offering more and better services to the local market.

Linde in the Dominican Republic

Linde Gas Dominicana SRL


Physical Address:
Ave. John F. Kennedy # 1116, Km. 6.5
Esq. Abraham Lincoln
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Mailing Address:
Apartado Postal 249-9
Santo Domingo, D.N.
Dominican Republic

Telephone number: (809) 338-1324

Fax number: (809) 683-0976

About Linde Gas Dominicana SRL

We offer products and service to Manufacturers, Contractors and the Health Industry as well as distributors around the Dominican Republic. We have three branches serving the island. Click the map in the upper right corner of this page for address, telephone and open hours information.

Products Offered

Linde Gas Dominicana SRL sells a wide variety of industrial, specialty and medical gases in cylinders. We can also supply larger quantities of bulk or cryogenic gases. We carry a complete line of safety and cutting and welding products.

Services Available

Among many other services, we offer the sealing of cylinders. The safety seal that most of Linde cylinders have, assures you will receive a product with the correct quality and amount of gas. This gives our customers better quality control and helps identify the full cylinders in a more rapid and easy way.

Product Know-How

Linde Gas Dominicana SRL has the best trained sales specialist team. In addition, they have direct and immediate accessibility to expert consultants through our regional and global networks.